Why do you think human beings began creating art?

Philosophy of Art
Assignment Two: Ellen Dissanayake: Homo Aestheticus and More Human Than Human

As we have seen and read in Ellen Dissanayake’s work, this author believes that human beings evolved to create art. After listening to her speak and reading her work, answer these following questions:

What is the bio evolutionary view of art?

Why do you think human beings began creating art?

What does art do for human beings?

If a culture creates objects that might be considered art by Western definitions, but they do not have a word for art in their own language, are we wrong to call what they do art?

Dissanayake states that humans have a need to “make special” and to
play.” We can do this through visual and the performing arts. How do art, play, and ritual intersect to “make special?”

Can you think of an example of human behavior that could be defined as combining ritual, play and art – such as Mardi Gras? Describe it.

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