Prepare a Book Report on “1984” by George Orwell

General Criteria

The expectation is that you will demonstrate understanding of the novel at grade 12 level. For this assignment, we are looking for quality rather than quantity.

When you use quotations, you must copy them precisely from the novel using quotation marks and the page number in brackets.  For example: A quote fromPretties by Scott Westerfeld

“He smiled happily, but Tally caught him glancing away into the middle distance – probably at aneyescreen that was invisible to her. Was he checking the city interface? It would know that she and Shay hadn’t pinged each other since the party, and three whole days without any mail between them was pretty unusual. Or was Dr. Anders looking to see if her voice was wavering?” (189)

Necessary Content

  1. Plot Diagram– a diagram that shows eight to ten significant events of the novel, indicating which event you consider the climax of the novel.
  2. Setting– provide a detailed description with three detailed points of at least three key settings in the novel.  Each of the three settings must include supporting quotes and accompanying images; setting can include time, place, social setting, and mood/atmosphere.
  3. Characters– List three characters, and at least three of their characteristics. For each characteristic, include a quotation from the book that demonstrates that the character is the way you describe (include page number). Provide an illustration of how you imagine the character to look (you can draw this yourself, or imagine that you are casting the movie and select a famous person’s image that you would put in the role).
  4. Conflicts– list and describe what you consider to be the main conflicts in the novel. Who is in conflict with whom, or what? Describe three specific examples of conflicts in the novel, and support each example with a quotation from the novel (include page number).
  5. Point-of-View– list the points-of-view in the novel: first person?; third person?; omniscient?; limited omniscience? What is its relevance to the overall mood and/or theme of the novel?  Provide an example from the novel (quote).
  6. Themes– Explain or discuss the main themes of the novel, making connections to a current society or present-day life, to show the relevance to this theme. Illustrate the theme with a drawing, picture or graphic.
  7. Language–  Remember to use quotations as examples.
  • Identify and discuss two symbolsin the novel
  • Identify a metaphortwo similes
  • Identify at least three examples of  imagerythat you find interesting.
  • Give two examples of language that you findinteresting.
  • Noteworthy Author: discuss what you think makes an author noteworthy, and explain whether or not you think the author of this novel is noteworthy
  • Noteworthy Novel: discuss what distinguishes a good read from great literature?  Would this novel be considered great literature?  Why, why not?
  • Remember to use quotations as examples.


PLOT:  You identify all of the five elements of plot structure from the story: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution/denouement, and you demonstrate a deep understanding of the plot and its influence on the reader.

SETTING:  You accurately identify at least two of the settings of the story, and fully supported your ideas. You were able to demonstrate a connection between the setting and the story.

CHARACTER:  You demonstrate superior understanding of at least three characters in the story, and their influence on the story development

CONFLICT:  You demonstrate superior understanding of conflicts and how they drive the plot in the novel. Your examples are well placed and fully support your ideas and assertions.

POINT OF VIEW:  You accurately identify the point of view, and its relevance to the overall mood and/or theme of the novel.

THEMES:  You clearly demonstrate your understanding of theme, and extend the ideas with your examples and illustrations.

LANGUAGE:  You demonstrate superior understanding of the literary elements used in the novel, and approach the idea of the criteria for a noteworthy author.

AESTHETICS:  The final product could be considered a piece of art in its own right. You’ve integrated the visual aspect into the information in your project.

WRITING TECHNIQUES:  The project is fully proofread and nearly error-free. The writing easily demonstrates meaning, showing a fluidity of language and ease of use.


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