Briefly explain how you would apply classical conditioning to modify behavior.

Behavior Psychology

Page 1
Imagine you are a psychologist researching one of the following phenomena:
Racial and/or gender Prejudice
Describe how classical conditioning is used to better understand the topic you selected. Clearly identify the US, UR, CS, and CR and use additional, appropriate conditioning terms to explain how the disorder/issue may develop and/or how it might be treated with conditioning.
Part 2 and 3 write a 2 page essay that describes how you would apply classical conditioning to modify behavior. Hypothetically you will use systematic desensitization to rid your client of the phobia of driving
* Briefly describe your client, identify the specific phobia and the criteria (use DSM 5) that indicate they do have a phobia.
* Discuss the concept of reciprocal inhibition and how it can be useful in the treatment of anxiety. Explain how you would facilitate this process with your client.
* Create a detailed fear hierarchy of your client’s phobia-related stimuli and discuss how you developed it.
* Describe how you would take your client through systematic desensitization.
* Discuss the best way for your client to remain phobia-fre

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