Draft a letter to the partnership, evaluating the allocation of MACRS in each of the three years under Reg. §§ 1.704–1 and –2. The partnership’s address is 53 East Marsh Ave., Smyrna, GA 30082.

Topic: ACCT 4306-110 – FEDERAL TAX ACCOUNTING   Your clients, Grayson Investments, Inc. (Ana Marks, President), and Blake Caldwell, each contributed $200,000 of cash to form the Realty Management Partnership, a limited partnership. Grayson is the general partner, and Blake is the limited partner. The partnership used the $400,000 cash to make a down payment […]

Comment about the changes in accounts receivable and the allowance for bad debts. Are they increasing or decreasing?

1. Using the SEC 10-K for your company, answer the following questions. 2. Do not cut and paste from your company SEC report. Discussion Requirements 1. Reading the notes to the financial statements, as well as the balance sheet, post information about the Accounts Receivable for your company. Who owes the company money? It is […]

Discuss how cost-volume-profit CVP analysis and flexible budgeting can enable students to understand the different stages involved in starting up a business,

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please read the article A Case Method Approach of Teaching How Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis is connected to the Flexible Budgeting Process and Variance Analysis (Links to an external site.). The authors, Machuga and Smith (2013), present in the article a multidisciplinary case-method approach to help students who want to […]

What would you envision as an organization chart that would represent the various roles of the organizations within the standards and rule setting framework look like?

Research paper (Phase1 through Phase 6) Activity: Understanding Standard and Rule Setting in the Accounting Industry (SSAI) Background: The final paper/project challenges participants in the course to design an educational program for presentation to the department heads at Happy Hospital located at Lake Wobegon, Minnesota by you, a health services manager, with the certified Public […]

Factors of strategic Investment decision-making and its impact on financial performance of the company

REVISION HERE comments: Client: Hello, Today i had meeting with my supervisor and his first comment was very disappointing for me. He said that its a. Bachelor level work. There is proper story building in the paper. My factors are something else and paper is saying somthing else. And the explanation of results is too […]

What are the considerations in designing management control systems for MNCs?

This paper is part of final project. See Section I, A and Section V : I. International Accounting: What are the reporting, standards, and responsibilities to consider? A. Explain the major differences between U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (U.S. GAAP) versus International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) reporting in relation to your chosen corporation. V. Control […]

Analyze the financial condition of a company using vertical, horizontal, and ratio analysis to make informed decisions.

PROJECT: EVALUATE THE CAPITAL INVESTMENT Project: Evaluate the Capital Investment Scenario Shoals Corporation puts significant emphasis on cash flow when planning capital investments. The company chose its discount rate of 8 percent based on the rate of return it must pay its owners and creditors. Using that rate, Shoals Corporation then uses different methods to determine […]

Are Edinburgh Napier University accounting students prepared to work in an accounting industry?

Every year Edinburgh Napier University face the challenge of preparing accounting graduates for their future job within the industry and meeting the expectations of professional bodies such as ACCA or CIMA. The main goal of this dissertation to find out whether Edinburgh Napier University accounting students are properly prepared to move from university to the […]

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