Calculate the each elbow reactive force under the assumption that a typical worker has the weight of the forearm-hand segment 20N and the distance between the center of mass of the forearm-hand segment and the elbow 16 cm.

Single-segment planar static model A person is holding a load of 25-kg mass with both hands in front of his body and his forearms are horizontal. The load is equally balanced between the two hands. The distance between the load and elbow is 38cm. Only the right hand, right forearm, and right elbow are shown […]

What is the novelty of the design and economic analysis of the application?

Design Practical  1. What is the novelty of the design and economic analysis of the application? 2. How does it work? 3. What are the design requirements for the application for its success? 4. What other concepts did you consider for your design and reasoning for selection of final design? 5. Results obtained on the […]

Critically evaluate appropriate sources of data, prepare and justify the following documents for the proposed project, in appropriate formats:-

Project Cost Planning and Cost Control You work for the Quantity Surveying practice engaged to provide cost advice to a College of Further Education, for a new building on the fringes of South-East London. You have been asked to undertake work on the cost estimates for the scheme, in accordance with the project details attached. […]

Calculate the volumetric average flow rate and standard deviation. Record that here: ˙ ± cm3/s.

Individual home experiment “Super-Siphon Contest”: Bernoulli’s equation Background Siphoning, the process of using a tube to carry a liquid over a barrier and to a lower location, can be described well by the mechanical energy equation. In this assignment you will analyse siphoning behaviour theoretically, and then will carry out an experiment using a plastic […]

Identify and illustrate clearly six causes for this incident and produce a risk assessment and matrix to that effect

Design and implement appropriate risk management procedures By means of a case study demonstrate your skills and competency in raising awareness in the industry to prevent/alleviate/diminish the probability/possibility of such an event from occurring in the future Area of consideration: 1. Identify an incident that qualifies to be reported (RIDDOR) 2. Identify and illustrate clearly […]

Discuss the steps used in setting out building using coordinates and explain challenges that might affect setting out.

Site Engineering and Survey To be able to undertake a control traverse using a total station, perform traverse computations, and procedures in setting out buildings. Undertake measurement and calculations that involve 1. Angular measurement using total station 2. Distance measurement using total station 3. Drawings (Manual/CAD) representing rectangular or polar control points of a relevant […]

How would these different cultures change the manufacturing process and cost? Discuss multiple effects. For example, different countries have different costs of living, union involvement, safety regulations, management styles, etc. Discuss the cultural effects that result in these differences.

Assume that your senior design project (or choose a project related to your senior design project) is going to be manufactured in another country. Using the studies provided in Engr 195a/b as a background, write about one of the topics below, and compare it for two countries outside of the United States with very different […]

Discuss the application of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) in water treatment.

Please choose one of the following two topics and write an essay with a maximum of 2500 words or 20 pages. Word count does not include content and title pages, tables, figures, figure captions, references and appendices. 1- Discuss the application of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) in water treatment. The structure of this essay should […]

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