Define and apply the functional perspective. What manifest and latent functions does college provide to our overall society?

Write a well developed essay that addresses each portion of the following prompt. There are four main sections to this paper. Each section should be a well developed collection of paragraphs. Providing illustrative examples will increase points earned. Be sure to properly cite your text (or any additional source). Failure to cite material will result […]

What did you learn from this sociological film analysis and why is it important?

Sociological Analysis of Snowpiercer Write a sociological analysis of the 2013 movie Snowpiercer. Please apply 1 social theory (Conflict Theory) to describe and/or explain the sociological topic you have chosen as portrayed in the film. How does the theory you choose explain the aspect of society you are focusing on throughout the film? In addition […]

How do class and hierarchies of social status/affluence/influence intersect with race to construct whiteness or white privilege?

Race is an idea created over four centuries and has evolved into a powerful and enduring narrative.” Using this statement as a framework to address the following questions, use both the documentary (with references) and additional research to submit your individual response. Why is race central to the construction of American identity? How does race […]

.What were the strengths of this research project? Consider both the methodology and the sample selection. For the methodology, think about the strengths of the experimental method, and whether this project took advantage of those strengths. For sample selection, think about whether the project selected a truly representative sample.

Find one scholarly article related to your research question that uses the experimental method to conduct research. Read the article, and then write a one paragraph response to each of the following three questions. My research question is : What are the challenges to single fathers in college raising children? 1.Describe the experimental set up […]

Define folkways, mores, and sanctions. When was the last time you violated a folkway? How were you sanctioned? What sorts of sanctions do we impose on those who go against our accepted mores?

Purpose This space is to answer specific questions and/or activities that relate to the assigned sociological topic(s). Students MUST cite textbook, video lectures, or module materials. Overall, you should be showing me you have been reading assigned chapters, watching video lectures, and reviewing other module material; thus, students should show an understanding of the sociological […]

What is the key distinction between Loeber and colleagues’ developmental delinquency pathway model and Howell and Egley’s developmental gang membership theory?

1.Discuss how social disorganization theory applies to modern theorizing about gangs. Be sure to provide a brief history of the theory’s development, assess at least one strength and one limitation of its core arguments, and detail findings from at least one study that explored whether social disorganization theory applies to gangs. 2.What is the key […]

Explain the reasons that life-long leadership development is important for both professional and personal growth.

Instructions For this assignment: • Summarize current literature on theory related to multidisciplinary human services practice. • Include literature from the last five years. • Include sources that are relevant to the theories and practices. • Analyze the use of human services theories to aid in decision making. • Explain the relationship between theory and […]

What agents of socialization taught you these cultural norms, and which was the most significant in shaping your sense of self?

Nature, Nurture, and Gender Identity Sociologists and other social scientists have long been skeptical of biological explanations of social life, and many continue to be so despite advances in the integration of biological and social research. Gender is a classic example of deliberation within this realm. One aspect of our identity is gender. Depending on […]

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