Discuss the results, including an evaluation of the question whether high-income states have more or less Covid-19 cases/deaths than low-income states and anything else you notice.

The number of Covid-19 cases and deaths vary across areas. There might be many determining factors. Your task is to study whether average per capita income is related to the spread of the pandemic. In this research project we use data from US states. As we have no clear theory how income and Covid cases […]

Provide a brief explanation of why you selected the formula you did and why it matters. Explain what the formula is and clearly define your parameters.

Survey Formula Locate the results of a recent survey that shows at least two variables in a newspaper, magazine, or Internet article. Outline the survey data so that your peers can understand the variables and results, and then identify at least one key formula from this module that you could use to evaluate the data. […]

Discuss the outcome of the best analysis that will tell you which variables are most strongly related to time-trial performance.

Statistics assignment – Physiology Students Only {Statistics assignment using SPSS (2000 words equivalent) – 40% } “Factors Associated with Cycling Time-Trial Performance” A study was recently conducted on a random sample of 30 male cyclists. Skinfold measurements were made using the four-site protocol outlined by Durnin and Womersley (1974). Capillary blood samples were taken at rest […]

Distinguish between (i) population and sample, and (ii) parameter and statistics.

Foundation concepts of Statistical Inference The goal of the assignment is to assess your understanding of the foundational concepts of statistical inference, your interpretive skills, and your capability to formulate policy recommendations. More specifically, the assignment addresses the following learning outcomes: 1. Identify the research problem, aim of the study, and research question(s) for existing […]

Discuss 2nd pairing of variables, using graphical, numerical summary and interpretation

A:  Exploratory Data Analysis Preparation Open the files for the course project and the data set. For each of the five variables, process, organize, present, and summarize the data. Analyze each variable by itself using graphical and numerical techniques of summarization. Use Excel as much as possible, explaining what the results reveal. Some of the […]

Briefly describe what a visual inspection of this output tells you about the nature of the curves.

Description DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS Your first IBM SPSS assignment includes two sections in which you will do the following: Create two histograms. Calculate measures of central tendency and dispersion. This will give you some experience with the data set. Key Details and Instructions Submit your assignment as a Word document. Refer to the IBM SPSS Step-by-Step […]

Did you come up with a strong angle based on your research and interviews?

Did you come up with a strong angle based on your research and interviews? Did you have at least three original interviews? Did you include relevant, informative background or data to illuminate or enhance the article? Was it well written? Did it have a clear structure, good quotes and detail and smooth transitions? Was it […]

Provide concrete advantages and disadvantages of using qualitative software programs in general.

For this week’s assignment, imagine you are a new faculty member in a large university psychology department. You need to develop an essay to your dean on the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing a qualitative software program by the department. You will use the topic of your interest (My topic-resiliency of English learners in learning) […]

What would you conclude from this analysis? Is your hypothesis supported?

Before opening the data, what would you hypothesize about this research study? Conduct descriptive analyses (mean, Standard deviation) and report them here. What would you interpret based on the Mean values? What would you conclude from this analysis? Is your hypothesis supported? What would be your next steps, if this were your research project? What […]

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