The Cause and Effect Essay

The Cause and Effect Essay

Essay I—Arguing the Past
Although modern society appears innovative and sometimes unique, every person, invention, and idea today in some way has been influenced or shaped by elements of the past.  Exploring the past and its connections to the present may sometimes reveal issues and tensions that invite a variety of opinions and convictions.  This assignment will give you an opportunity to delve into the connections between some aspect of the past that has created conflicting perspectives and to find your own position on this subject.

  1. Select a topic that you feel you are comfortable writing about.  Be sure to consider your knowledge and understanding of this topic.
  2. Begin researching this topic through the library database and find out what “others” (scholars) have to say about this topic.
  3. Develop a claim that expresses your position on this subject.  Place the claim as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph.
  4. Select “reasons” to support your position – no more than 3 reasons for the scope of this paper.

The Essay will be 4 – 5 pages (double-spaced, New Times Roman font 12) in MLA format.
Essay Guidelines:
Purpose: To convince readers that your position is logical, well-reasoned, and effective. You are either going to focus on the causes or the effects of the topic.
Audience: Universal Audience—individuals who have some college education and who are reasonable.  This is a group of people who are fair-minded and are interested in reading what you have to offer them.
Essay Layout: Use MLA formatting precisely

  • Include a claim (position statement) that is placed as the last sentence in the introduction.
  • Write in third person—no first or second person pronouns (no I, we, you, etc.)
  • Avoid contractions
  • Select words that are appropriate and effective for convincing the audience.

Length—from 4 to 5 pages

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