Community Development Practice: In this assignment you will begin by exploring definitions of ”community” from a theoretical and practical perspective.

In this assignment you will begin by exploring definitions of ”community” from a theoretical and practical perspective. You will provide a brief exploration of the term community and then identify a community that interests you (500 words). To help inform the reader you need to provide justification and context for the community you have chosen. Consider discussing it with your colleagues and see whether you can clearly explain what the community is, why it is important.

Below are some examples of how a community might be defined:

A community that is defined by geographic location, like a small rural area or an urban suburb;
A community defined by those who share an experience, such as a disability or illness;
A community of connection such as a specific cultural group;
A community of interest, such as a hobby group;
A community defined by those advocating for the rights of a certain group of people;
A community defined by a certain experience of disadvantage.

These are just examples, it is possible that these definitions may merge in some communities.

Once you have chosen and defined your community, you then need to conduct a preliminary needs analysis using on-line resources or other resources available to you (1,500 words). A preliminary needs analysis helps derive key information about the community so as to determine the community development strategies which may be applicable and would work in the context. Relevant community information includes aspects such as geographic location including level of remoteness and connectivity to services/infrastructure, demographic structure, socio-economics, health and social issues and any specific issues/concerns of the community that may impact on its capacity to develop. You have the scope to explore a breadth of issues within your given community, or you can be more focused on a specific aspect that is critical to the community of concern, e.g. health related issue.

Once you have conducted a preliminary needs analysis, you then need to explain how you might complete the needs analysis through consultation and/or further research with community members (500 words). For this you would need to draw on community development principles. Things to consider include how you would potentially engage with the community to gain more information and what aspects would you focus on. Would you consider undertaking a survey? Or would you consider a focus group to help draw out key aspects to help inform a community development strategy. Critical to this is to ensure inclusion and participation of the community across a cross section to understand issues.

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