Concept Analysis Using Walker & Avant Model: Determine the aims of the concept analysis according to Walker & Avant’s method.

Assignment 6.2: Concept Analysis Using Walker & Avant Model
Points: 60
Concept analysis is an approach used to clarify the meanings of terms and to define terms (concepts) so that writers and readers share a common language. Concept analysis should be conducted when concepts require further clarification or development. A method commonly seen is the Walker and Avant method.
Decide on a concept of interest and conduct a concept analysis using the eight steps as outlined by Walker and Avant and used in the Dugger (PDF) (Links to an external site.) article.
This assignment is a two-part . For part 1, you will choose a concept to be used to complete the analysis. You MUST submit the concept choice to the instructor for approval before you begin this assignment. Upon receiving approval of the concept choice you may begin the analysis process. Review the required reading and the elements of Walker & Avant’s method. The assignment will include an APA format paper which will be completed in two parts.
The first part will be completed this week and will include an introduction to the concept and purpose statement in the introduction followed by the aims of the concept, uses of the concept, and defining attributes.
For part 2 of this assignment, you will complete the APA paper which will include the second half of the analysis.
Steps to Complete Part 1
• Choosing the concept is a very important part of the analysis. The concept should be something of interest to you and clearly stated. The approval from your instructor will help to confirm your concept is stated clearly.
• Determine the aims of the concept analysis according to Walker & Avant’s method.
• Identify all uses of the concept possible by using dictionary, thesauruses, colleagues, and current literature to establish definitions and uses.
• Determine the defining attributes of the concept by taking notes on the characteristics that appear repeatedly when examining the different instances of the concept.
Adapted from: Concept analysis: Examining the state of the science (PDF) (Links to an external site.)
Walker, L.O., & Avant, K., (2005). Strategies for theory construction in nursing (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

Similarity Score
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• Your similarity score will appear as a percentage next to your submitted file.
• It may take up to 24 hours for your similarity score to appear.

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