Create a classical argument regarding Americans’ ideas about social class or socioeconomic status

Brief Explanation

The classical argument attempts to convince the audience to change their beliefs or actions. It includes analysis of the topic and response to the opposition.


For this essay, you will create a classical argument regarding Americans’ ideas about social class or socioeconomic status (the topic discussed in chapter 4 of Rereading America). Please review the structure that has been provided for you. You must assume that the audience does not agree with you; therefore, you must create a classically structured argument: present commonalities, the opposition, and a response to the opposition.


The essay must be 1,100-1,250 words with one-two sources of the assigned readings as a reference.
Be sure to include a thesis statement that explicitly communicates your position about the topic.
You must decide when and how to integrate the source material (summarize, paraphrase, or quote), but make sure that you include in-text citations where appropriate.
DO NOT DO EXTERNAL RESEARCH. Points will be deducted for essays that reference sources other than the readings assigned in this class.
Try to implicitly incorporate the different appeals (logical, ethical, and emotional) to make your argument more convincing.
Use third person references throughout the paper unless you are including a 1st person narrative to illustrate a point.
Include appropriate paragraph designations.

Format the page correctly using MLA guidelinesPreview the document.
Make sure that you have appropriate paragraph separations.
Look for and edit expression, spelling, mechanical and grammatical errors.
Review the in-text citations.
Include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. Do not submit the WC page as a separate document.
If you need help, ask.

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