Critical review on UK Pharmaceutical Regulation and Product Liability Law

This coursework will constitute 80% of the module mark. There is a word limit of 3500 words. The penalty in Law is a loss of 1% for every 100 words (or part thereof) over the set word limit. There is a 5% tolerance level with regard to word counts. For example, If the set word limit for an essay is 2000 words you will not be penalised unless you write more than 2000 + (5% of 2000), in other words 2100 words. Footnotes count towards the word limit, but the bibliography does not.

Please pay attention to the structure of your work. Write clearly and simply and spell correctly. You should ensure that cases and journal articles are given a proper citation.

At the end of your coursework, within the same Word document that contains your main essay, you must provide a full bibliography. You should also include an exact word count for the question.

Students should use footnotes for any references made to cases, statutes, books, articles etc. OSCOLA styles

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