Deliverables APA style: Summarize cyber security threats, challenges and protections tools available.

2 Deliverables APA style:
1- Add three pages to the attached document  to put together a 5 pages word document APA sytle. Make sure the paper covers the below points (It is important to show cost analysis with an example or two).
2-   6 slides PPT presentation summary of term project
Points to cover in the 5 pages paper and the 6 slides ppt presentation:
 • Cyber security threats and challenges corporations face protecting their assets. • Tools and measures available detect vulnerabilities, threats, and protect IoT devices. • Cost benefits analysis of protecting assets against cyber threats versus assets with cyber vulnerabilities. (give numbers and examples) • Put together a prevention strategy based of complex applications and software to face cyber security threats. • Summarize cyber security threats, challenges, and protections tools available.
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