describes a number of concerns that Schuyler was addressing in his novel.

  • Black no More is clearly a satire, although I think it is more accurately described as a dystopian satire—a dystopia describes a society that is in some way horribly broken (we will talk more about dystopias later). Both satire and dystopias use exaggeration, irony, and paradox to reflect on contemporary society, holding up a and a mirror up to our fears and flaws. What aspect of his contemporary society is Schuyler commenting on (provide specific evidence from the text)? Does the novel suggest an alternative or a solution—and do you find it adequate. You might also comment on whether Schuyler’s critique is still relevant today.
  • You could approach the novel by way of Kuenz’ essay. Kuenz describes a number of concerns that Schuyler was addressing in his novel. Choose one, describe it (making it clear that you read and understood Kuenz) then choose an aspect of the novel – a scene, a character, a motif—and describe how it addresses that theme. Include an evaluative element – how effective is Schuyler in addressing the theme? Do you agree with his implied position (why or why not)?
  • One of the central themes of Black No More is the ways that race intersects with economics—and the ways that economic inequality depends on racism and thus race (the novel was published in 1931, just when the Depression began to deepen). Discuss how the novel’s satire reveals how race intersects with economics in America. What role do class differences—defined by economics and conspicuous consumption and display—play in a society that’s supposed to be classless or at least “open,” rewarding hard work, not spectacle?  (“Passing” can apply to class and status, not just race.)


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