Develop a vocabulary for criticizing, evaluating, and describing works of art

Develop a vocabulary for criticizing, evaluating, and describing works of art. For this competency, you will assume the role of a critic. View each piece of work listed below and analyze it as a piece of art, identifying key elements of the work and using terminology common to the discipline. Using a few concise paragraphs for each piece, your analysis should discuss each work as a critic and include, using the proper vocabulary, what you think the work is about. When art critics discuss art, they describe art works in terms of style and medium. Art critics interpret meanings of art and make judgements of a works validity to the importance of a piece in a larger context of art history and culture. Art critics also evaluate art in the context of aesthetics.

Grading rubric-
Identifies the key elements of that piece of art and explains them, referencing other works of art.
Uses the common vocabulary of that field of art with a detailed explanation.
Explains what the piece is about or the movement the piece represents in detail, referencing other works of art.
Pieces throughly discussed and insightful details provided, making references to additional works.

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