Discuss two theories that have been used to explain the etiology of the disorder

1. Specify the diagnostic criteria of the clinical disorder you have selected.
2.Identify two conditions that share similar signs and symptoms to this disorder. Discuss the process of differential diagnosis and how would you distinguish between these disorders and the disorder that you have selected during an assessment.
3.Identify the prevalence rates for the clinical disorder you have selected, including prevalence rates for at least two of the following groups: gender, race, ethnicity, social economic status, differently abled or sexual orientation.
4.Discuss some of the ways in which this disorder could impact an individual’s social functioning (home, school, work, family, and relationships).
5.Discuss two theories that have been used to explain the etiology of the disorder. What are the implications of these theories for the treatment of the disorder?
6.Identify at least two psychosocial and psychopharmacological interventions used to treat this disorder. Discuss why these interventions are shown to be effective. Discuss the side –effects of the psychopharmacological interventions.
7.Identify two community-based resources located in the state you reside that an individual with this disorder might find useful. Discuss why these resources could be important for persons who have this disorder and how to access them.


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