Discussing the importance of bonding. Discussing how paternity leave impacts development.

Main Point 1 Improve the wellbeing of children, positively impacts the stages of development and establishing bonds for the infants.
1. Discussing the importance of bonding.
2. Discussing how paternity leave impacts development.
Main Point 2 Improve the relationships between Parents.
1. Discussing the improvements in parenting methods and strengthen relationship.
2. Comparing statistics of divorces affected by paternity leave.
Main Point 3 Increases desire of company employment, longevity of worker job span.
1. Comparing statistics of employers who do allow paid paternity leave vs employers who don’t allow paid paternity leave.
2. Comparing statistics of paternity leave in the U.S. vs other countries (i.e. Sweden).

Avoid first person (I, my, us, we) and second person (you and your) in your essay.
In order to persuade the audience to accept the position you are advocating in this paper, you will use different kinds of appeals:

ethos (which involves the credibility of the speaker, writer, or authority being cited);
logos (which involves facts, statistics, and logic); and
pathos (which involves emotions).
A good persuasive argument uses credible sources, objective evidence, and emotional “hooks” to make use of logos, ethos, and pathos respectively.

Be sure your thesis statement is very clear. It should be a single complete sentence, including both a subject and a predicate, that combine to make claim. Example: “The USA should be more competitive in establishing a presence on Mars.”

Your introduction paragraph should include a “hook” to grab the reader’s attention. The thesis statement is typically seen in the first paragraph. Your body paragraphs will support the thesis. You should use credible sources and cite them according to the style of your discipline. Your conclusion should reiterate the strongest points from your paper and give the audience something to consider, moving forward.

PURPOSE: To persuade
AUDIENCE: A general audience, peers in the classroom
LENGTH: 500 – 750 words (Times New Roman font)
SOURCES: A minimum of 3 with at least 1 from the library, and at least 1 from a professional journal or organization
FORMAT: The citation style that is appropriate for your discipline

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