Economic Theory as Evidenced in a Current Affairs News Article

Reflection Assignments (Current Affairs Article)
Topic: Looking around: Economic Theory as Evidenced in a Current Affairs News Article
Description: In this reflection (if you are unsure what a reflection is, click this link or ) These instructions are to be used for all reflection assignments – if you are submitting two reflections during the term, then use these instructions for both, but use two different articles.
You are to “connect” some practical issue or situation that you find in a current affairs news article and reflect as to how the issue is related to any of the economic theories we have taken in class. If you are in MICROeconomics, then the reflection must be microeconomics based. If you are in macroeconomics, then macroeconomics based. If you use an article that is based on the other course it will get a be severely penalized, so make sure you understand what the article is about. The article must be Canadian based (or have a Canadian connection) and published within maximum three months of the due date of the assignment. If you are unsure what a current affairs article is, “Google” it. Read the article and address the following questions/discussion points:
1. What, in the article, provides evidence of the economic theory we have studied – what is the connection between the article and the theory? Be specific – for example, it is not enough to say demand increases – if demand is increasing, is it because of expectations, income increase, etc.; or if elasticity changes, is the good elastic or inelastic? Being vague in your explanation will only get average marks.
2. How does the article provide you with clarity on understanding of the theoretical concepts.
Include either a copy of your article in your submission, or a hyperlink embedded in your submission showing the ORIGINAL published date. Your reflection should be between 250 and 300 words or one page double spaced, 11 or 12 pt font. Word of caution – this assignment has been used in this course for many semesters so any plagiarism or resubmission of existing works will be considered an academic offense and students WILL receive a zero grade and will be formally written up which may affect not only your grade, but your official transcript. Ignorance of what constitutes an academic offense is NOT an excuse – if it’s not in your OWN words, then you are likely committing an offense. Ask your professor if you are unsure.
Submissions: Submit either .doc/.docx or .pdf into the FOL drop-box by 11:00 pm on the due date listed on the course schedule. Late assignments, even if a few minutes, will not be accepted.
Assessment: 5% of the total grade.

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