Evaluating Use of Literature and Problem Statement" Explain what it means for a research study to be justified and grounded in the literature.

Article (Attached)
Greenhalgh, T., Clinch, M., Afsar, N., Choudhury, Y., Sudra, R., Campbell-Richards, D., . . . & Finer, S. (2015). Socio-cultural influences on the behaviour of South Asian women with diabetes in pregnancy: Qualitative study using a multi-level theoretical approach. BMC Medicine, 13, 120. doi:10.1186/s12916-015-0360-1

Evaluating Use of Literature and Problem Statement
Researchers use scholarly literature for various purposes in their work, such as, but not limited to, establishing the need for and importance of their study or describing a theory. The problem statement is typically tied to the literature, and for this reason, these two components of research are presented together this week; this connection among research components will be a recurring theme throughout this course.
For this Discussion, you will evaluate the use of literature and problem statements in assigned journal articles in your discipline to understand what it means for a research study to be justified, grounded, and original.
You will use the Use of Literature Checklist, the Problem Statement Checklist (Attached) 
With these thoughts in mind, refer to the Journal Articles document for your assigned articles for this Discussion.
Post a critique of the research study in which you:
· Evaluate the authors’ use of literature using the Use of Literature Checklist as a guide
· Evaluate the research problem using the Problem Statement Checklist as a guide
Explain what it means for a research study to be justified and grounded in the literature

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