Explain in your own terms how fraud impact our economy.

You are required to find a financial fraud case (Current or Past) using any publication of your choosing, local, national or a corporation.

Your writing should cover the type of fraud (whether financial or tax), the people involve and how the fraud was perpetrated, and the related evidence presented in court. Which court handled or handling the case and whether it was or it’s a federal or state court.

Also, describe the outcome of the case, and any penalties for those who committed the crime.

You are required to describe the Fraud Triangle in relation to your case.

Make sure to explain any economic impact of the fraud against the associated victim (s), such as on the company, the state, city, county and or the public.

Your Opinion – Explain in your own terms how fraud impact our economy.

Additional requirements:

Make sure to cite your sources. If it is from a newspaper article, name of newspaper, the writer (s) and date of publication. Online sources should include the link and names and date as well. Failure to do this will reduce your point value.

You must also use page number

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