Explain the haitian revolution tells us about the US movement for racial equality.

Responding to the following words of historian Marlene Dault from the NPR broadcast.

Respond to the following words of historian Marlene Dault from the NPR broadcast, “What the Haitian Revolution Tells Us About the US Movement for Racial Equality.” If you did not know about the Haitian revolution before watching the film, Egilite for All, reflect on why this revolution is not emphasized in US education:

There were so many people who were anti-slavery in the 18th and 19th century. For one, enslaved people and the Indigenous of the Americas constantly said, no. They engaged in warfare, the Indigenous did, to try to prevent their subjugation and to prevent European encroachment on Jamaica, for example. On the island of Grenada, there was Fedon’s rebellion, which was directly inspired by the Haitian Revolution. And so I do wonder how the face of education would change in the United States, in particular, if we started to include these stories from the outset instead of hiding them away or leaving it up to individual teachers to kind of fill this in. In the other America, there was another way of doing things that was put forward. And why don’t we learn more about that?

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