Explain your independent and dependent variables


AS Description: This is the 1st portion of a project that will span the remainder of the units. In this unit you will need to come up with a topic, design a survey, collect and analysis data.

AS Instructions: Complete and answer the following:

1) Choose a topic related to your major (Criminal Justice). Make sure you have two quantitative variables (for example # of siblings and heart rate). Ask for another variable like academic year, major, hobbies, favorite genre of movie. (This will be used later in the project)

2) Explain your independent and dependent variables

3) Tell your initial expected finding on the relationship between them and give your rationale behind your feelings

4) What is your population

5) Develop a survey including other variables like grade level (freshman/sophomore/junior/senior), major, marriage status (single/married/widowed/divorced). This data will be used later in the project. 5) Explain how you obtained your sample…. If it was convenience- please discuss what would have been a better way to get the sample.

6) Give the correlation coefficient, proper interpretation of it, and explain the relevance to your topic

7) Give the coefficient of determination and interpret what that means

8) Give the equation of the regression line a) Plug an actual x value into the equation and discuss the difference between the real y and the predicted y b) Use the equation to make a prediction c) Discuss the domain of your data

9) Include the scatterplot with line of best fit

10) Put your finding together in a PowerPoint

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