Greek and Roman Art: How does it relate to the material covered in class. (Is it similar to an object we studied? Period style? a term or material?

1. Click on the link Metropolitan Museum: Greek and Roman Art. You will come to images of Greek and Roman artworks from the collection of the Met in NYC. You will find hundreds to choose from as you scroll down. Choose an artwork that appeals to you, click on it and read the description and information about it.
2. Create a blog in your group and report on the work of art. Include:

  1. The label information (name, date, medium) and a photo of the object. (You can “image capture” the image or create a file of the pic by dragging it to your desktop. Then, click on the image icon at the lower left of your ruler bar and choose the file to insert. Google how to “image capture” either for mac or PC if you do not know how to do it.)
  2. Why did you choose the artwork?
  3. What did you find out about it? Use the information from the website.
  4. How does it relate to the material covered in class. (Is it similar to an object we studied? Period style? a term or material?


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