How do I identify a business idea/opportunity?

Innovation practices in entrepreneurship and business
Innovation framework, applied & strategic innovation, innovation models, what and why of innovation, etc
Fundamental concepts and examples – creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship definitions (stanford, harvard…) and explanation; competitive advantage; forecasting and foresight; out-of-the-box mindset; growth mindset; creative confidence (Albert Bandura); constrains; needs and wants; innovative and routine work; success and failure; setting SMART goals (checkpoints and milestones); creative teams; collective creativity; Minimum viable product; the purpose of business (Kotler); CASE STUDY
Methods of innovation in business and entrepreneurship; design methods; business model innovation; service and product innovation. CASE STUDY
Design thinking for innovation (the framework)
General overview and explanation (Stanford resources)
Empathy step (understanding and observe) – active listening; empathy map + journey map + DSG; opportunity statements + how might we questions (link products/service with the end user POV); how to uncover hidden insights – Practical examples
Ideate Brainstomring to generate ideas; Analogy; Attribute analysis; Gap analysis; Why-Why-Why Analysis
Prototype a product and a service(with examples)
Test (&incorporate feedback)
Approach to innovation & leading innovation (11 steps) (including Schumpeter’s type)
Market analysis and segmentation; customers and customer development; product and product development; competition and positioning
Passion confidence matrix (explained).
Disruptive innovation & lead innovation strategies
Responsiveness and resilience
CASE STUDY or cases

Lean startup methods and lean philosophy
Introduction, principles, examples why startup fail
Canvas business model & scaling
Agile and innovator’s method
Being an inspiration – Charisma development
Charisma and its components
Exercises to develop your charisma
Imposter syndrome and remedies
Storytelling as a sale pitch
Compelling pitches in entrepreneurship (with practical example/template)
Identify ideas and opportunities in business
How do I identify a business idea/opportunity?
How do I test my idea?
From idea to reality – steps to undertake
The business model and its advantages (with examples) and explanations of different business models

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