How does this country’s culture differ from our own?

write a five-page double-spaced paper about culture and communication In total, you will submit your country selection, an outline, and your final paper.
Your paper should answer the following questions: how does culture influence communication? How does communication influence culture?

You will be answering these questions generally, and then focusing on the specific country of your choosing to provide additional support for your answers.

You must include at least five external sources to support your work. These sources should be reputable, academically-appropriate sources. Your textbook can be one of your sources. Wikipedia and Buzzfeed would not be considered appropriate sources. If you have questions about the validity of your source, please feel free to ask. Use MLA format to appropriately document your external sources.

In addition to your five sources, you will need to include at least five clearly identifiable concepts from the chapters we have covered so far. This shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish given the amount of information that we have covered thus far.

I. double-spaced. Use 12 point Times New Roman font. Five pages means five full pages (one sentence on a fifth page does not count as a fifth page). Again, you must include at least five external sources to support your research.
b. Content
i. Introduction

This section introduces your topic and your intentions for your paper. Include an attention-getter, a thesis statement, and an indication of, according to your research, what kind of impact culture has on communication.
ii. Literature Review

This section of your paper should establish previous research on your topic as well as any definitions that are relevant to your paper and likely unknown to your audience.
You must have at least three of your five external academic sources in this section. You may use your textbook as a source (this will count as one source).
iii. Research/Data Analysis

This section of your paper will focus specifically on the country you have selected.
How does this country’s culture differ from our own? How is it similar? Use what you’ve learned from our textbook so far to support your answers. Do NOT just state your opinion or repeat common stereotypes of other cultures.
How do the observations you’ve noted affect daily life in this country?
What suggestions have you found in your research for people wanting to visit your country?
iv. Conclusion

In this section, you will wrap up your paper and summarize your final thoughts. What did you learn from this paper? How do your discoveries relate to current society?
Make sure to conclude your paper in a powerful way. Develop a clear ending that is consistent with the rest of your paper.

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