How many and what kind of patients in the UK are on peritoneal dialysis?Advantages and disadvantages of Peritoneal Dialysis

Essay Plan
Care and Management of Tenckhoff catheter as area of good practice in Peritoneal Dialysis setting
• What is peritoneal dialysis
• How many and what kind of patients in the UK are on peritoneal dialysis
• Advantages and disadvantages of Peritoneal Dialysis
• Suitability of the patient for Peritoneal dialysis
• What is a Tenckhoff Catheter
• Different Tenckhoff catheter insertion techniques
• Advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques
• Suitability of the patient for one technique rather than the other (previous surgeries, hernia or other complications)
• Nursing management and care of the Tenckhoff Catheter post insertion in terms of flushing of the catheter, dressing change, monitoring of the exit site. Please note this last part MUST be the most consistent part of the essay.
Please do not use absolutely patient’s website information as reference
I am providing you with many articles and studies I need you to incorporate in this essay.
PLEASE note you can use as source of reference only the articles/studies I am providing and any reference present at the end of each article/study.
Please do not use any other source of reference this is essential to me and I will not accept an essay written using other references.
Allowed website are NICE guidelines and National Kidney Foundation website (UK)
Feel free to contact me if you need more sources of references
Please note that I am requesting and pay for a DOCTORAL writing, please use an appropriate academic language that meet this level

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