How nuclear family provides the ideal ‘fit’ for modern society

Over the past 50 years, the structure of families has changed considerably. Family types have become more diverse and less predictable. Functionalist sociologists and the New Right are opposed to this growing family diversity. They argue that the nuclear family provides an ideal ‘fit’ for modern society so any diversity in its structure undermines not only the traditional functions of the family but also acts to undermine society in general.

In light of this, assess the view that:

a) The nuclear family provides the ideal ‘fit’ for modern society

b) The traditional functions of the family have been undermined by increased family diversity

The essay will cover assessment criteria 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 and 4.1. You should base your writing exclusively on resources and materials that you have been allocated in class or that are on Moodle (see reading list on Moodle)

This essay needs to be clearly structured, analytical of the question. A strong introduction is essential, and arguments will need to be balanced with evidence and examples. Arguments should be built up within the main body of the essay rather than introduced in the conclusion. Use clear and concise language and cite all your sources in the text as well as referencing them accurately in the bibliography.

The length of your assignment should be 1500 words. You are allowed 10% below or above this. You must reference your work and include a reference page which conforms to the Harvard system. Ensure your work has the correct title (the question) with unit number and title, your name and date. Make sure all pages are correctly numbered.

This essay can be mapped to the Essay Writing unit

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