Identify the Organizational Behavior topic that you will explore

The theories and concepts taught in this course will only contribute to your business success if you apply what you have learned in the classroom to your everyday experiences. The objective of the final paper is to provide you with practice in looking at your life through an organizational behavior lens. For this assignment, you will submit a final paper exploring an area of interest of yours within the held of organizational behavior. Preferably this is an Organizational Behavior topic that you have experience with from your past. The topic for the paper must be approved by the Professor no later than
• The paper should be between 5 -6 pages • Double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1″ margins around.

• Title Page • Reference Page (Minimum of 5 sources)
Please follow the format below for, Outline:
Part I.
Identify the issue

• Identify the Organizational Behavior topic that you will explore

• Up lain how this issue relates to you

• Explain your goal in understanding this issue in more depth

• Why is this issue of importance to organizations. the industry. or society at large?
Part II.
• State 3 specific research questions regarding this topic

• Identify the appropriate theories that apply to this issue that we have studied in Organizational Behavior.

• low has the organization (leadership. structure. control, culture. policie, practices, etc., contributed to the development of this issue?

• Provide at least 5 external sources that provide more insight into this OB issue
Part III.
• What is the risk for the organization if no action is taken to COMect this issue?

• State the specific steps the organization should use to improve this issue?

• What are the recommended steps for improving or minimizing this issue?


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