Identify the type of question being asked therapy, prognosis, meaning, etc..

Paper detalis:

The purpose of this initial paper is to briefly describe your search strategies when identifying two articles that pertain to an evidence-based practice topic of interest.

The Role of Risk Factors in the outcome measures in patients diagnosed with COVID-19 (This is the paper’s topic)

Please implement this article in the paper:

NEJM Catalyst. Identifying patients with increased risk of severe Covid- 19 complication: Building an actionable rules-based model for care teams. (2020). Retrieved from

Directions for the paper:

a) State the purpose of your paper. What will your paper do or describe? This is similar to a problem
statement. “The purpose of this paper is to . . .”

b) The research question for a quantitative study may include such components as Populations, Interventions, Comparisons, and Outcomes (PICOT). Please implement PICOT into the paper

c) Levels of Evidence
• Identify the type of question being asked (therapy, prognosis, meaning, etc.).
• What is the best type of evidence to answer that question (e.g., RCT, cohort study, qualitative study, etc.)?

d) Search Strategy
• List search terms and results.
• Databases used (start with the CU library). Link your search with the PICOT question described above.
• Refinement decisions. As you did your search, what decisions did you make in refinement to get your
required articles down to a reasonable number for review? Were any limits used? If so, what?
• Identification of two (2) most relevant articles (primary sources published within the last 5 years).

• Correct grammar and spelling.
• Include a title page.
• Use of Headings for Each Section!!
▪ Clinical Question, Levels of Evidence, Search Strategy, and Conclusion
• Adheres to current APA formatting and guidelines.
*Please do not plagiarize as this paper will be turned in a database for plagiarism*

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