Methodology-Are you collecting a combination? What are the positives and negatives?

4000 words assignment- postgraduate, master level, Harvard references written in British English.
Title: The effectiveness of teaching theory through PowerPoint presentation on students’ satisfaction and academic performance in sixth form students.
The essay requires to find literature on the topic and based on these findings, create a set of questions/interviews
This is the structure of how this essay should be presented:
Title page
Contents page
And the following sections
An outline of the issue*

A brief description of how the issue presents itself in my placement school* (This section would have to be made up by you)
These first 2 sections are around 500-700 words
Literature review from the last 3 years which demonstrates critical engagement*. Older literature can be also included but you must explain why. The literature must ideally refer to UK schools but can also include schools/education outside the UK.
This section will be around 1000-1500 words.

Within the methodology section you will present the research methods chosen. You can also include literature in this section to back up when you selected the research method. Are you quantitative (numbers, graphs) or qualitative (written or spoken word)? Are you collecting a combination? What are the positives and negatives?
Discuss your participants (including sample numbers). Why did you select them? If you are collecting quantitative data, do you have enough samples to effectively present and discuss the data to be valid? What was your procedure for collecting data (spoken, written, responding to a questionnaire, in person or via email etc). What data are you going to present and discuss?
Again, this section would have to be made up by you can provide you some basis data regarding the participants/classes
*This section will be around 300-500 words.
An analysis and evaluation of the issue in relation to current literature

linking theory to practice- this is about linking data from research to the literature
This section will be around 1250-1500 words.
Conclusions – possibly including recommendations which are linked to the literature
The conclusion is not a recap. You are looking to state how your selected school is performing in the issue you have selected. Make sure that you link to literature that has been previously presented / discussed.
Comments on the views put forward in the literature and an idea of how your analysis will influence your current practice.
You must include recommendations for your future practice and that of the school, which MUST be linked to the previously discussed literature
These final 2 sections are around 500-700 words but can also be merged in one.

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