Discuss how democratization influences Peacebuilding

Peace Enforcement and Peacebuilding
This week we will discuss how democratization influences peacebuilding, now and shortly. This discussion will allow us to integrate what we have learned about the peace process with the consideration of other aspects of international security.
At this juncture, we will have considered every major element of the peace process as a critical variable in a more secure world.
Please, write Essay in APA style four pages at least 275 words per page with an introduction, analysis, a summary, and a minimum of 6 references. You may also use any additional academic references related to the subject.
Write a very short summarize analysis of Bellamy and Williams, chapters 8 through 17.

Option one: Bellamy and Williams, chapters 8 through 17.
Bellamy, Alex J., and Paul D. Williams. Understanding Peacekeeping, second edition.
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