Propose, describe and present the analysis of your HRD intervention/s appropriate for the target group and the organisational context.

Specific Instructions
During this assessment task you should:
• Propose, describe and present the analysis of your HRD
intervention/s appropriate for the target group and the organisational
• Verbally present the key points of your HRD proposal to a specific
management audience and for a specific HRD group/purpose.
• Demonstrate understanding of both formal and informal workplace
• Communicate verbally and professionally in a management context.
• Use a number of attention getting devices, suited to the audience
that keeps their attention throughout.
• Use technology effectively.
• Demonstrate insight, originality and critical thinking.
• Underpin your presentation with:
o adult learning and related HRD theory and apply it to the given
group and organisational context
o research in regards to specific competencies related to a job
o awareness of the 70:20:10 Model of Learning and
o awareness of the information needed by management to
approve the proposal.
Please be sure to access and carefully read the Assessment 4 rubric.
Getting started:
• Consider the following questions:
o What are the key points that need to be conveyed to the
management team?
o What decisions do they need to make and what would they
want to know?
• Start by formulating a skeleton script ensuring that you include the
key points, for example, as related to the key headings
recommended for your proposal (Assessment 3) and repeated in the
format requirements below.
• Please provide a one page document summarising your key points
for your audience, to support your pitch (the Subject Facilitator will
view this when listening to your presentation).
Assessment Format Requirements
Your video presentation pitch should have a structure that includes the key
points of your proposal. Refer where appropriate to the Learning and
Development plan you designed.
• Do not read your presentation pitch; deliver it in natural/workplace
• The video needs to be 4-5 minutes maximum in length; marks may
be deducted for longer presentations. Also, the larger your video the
longer it may take to correctly upload and download for viewing.
Ensure that you have checked the Assessment Task 4 Rubric for full
marking details before uploading and that your video is fully functional.
Refer to the key items in your proposal Workgroup Learning and
Development Proposal (as below) when determining the structure of your
pitch. Keep in mind that the detail is in your written proposal and that your
verbal proposal pitch should only contain key points. Be persuasive and
keep the attention of your audience.
1. proposal objective/s
2. workgroup profile
3. problem statement/competency gap
4. competencies/skills to be developed
5. overview of proposed learning and development strategy
6. proposal details: key interventions
7. proposal evaluation
8. conclusions: company benefits; initial action plan
Referencing Requirements
The accompanying handout to pitch should detail the references utilised on
a separate page. The reference list should be drawn from your written

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