Provide case Law from florida as many as possible – Compare, contrast and distinguish.

Provide case Law from florida, as many as possible . Compare, contrast and distinguish. Answer should be solely based on the Law. The focus is emergency theory.

Use these headings and answer
1. Heading
2. Question Presented
3. Brief Answer
4. Fact Statement
5. Discussion
6. Conclusion (when appropriate)

Heading. The function of the Heading is to identify the requesting attorney, the writer, the date, the client, and the particular legal matter.
Question Presented. The Question Presented identifies the question(s) you have been asked to analyze. It allows your reader to confirm that you have understood the question(s). It also might remind a busy reader of the question(s) he or she asked you to analyze.
Brief Answer. The Brief Answer provides your answer quickly and up front. The reader then can decide how much attention to invest in the explanation that follows.
Fact Statement. This section sets out the facts on which your answer is based. You probably obtained the facts from your reader (the requesting attorney) in the first place, but your memo must repeat them. Your reader will want to be sure you have not misunderstood any important facts. Also, your reader, who has been busy working on other cases, might need a review of the facts, and other attorneys working on this case or future cases might needaccess to your analysis. Finally, reading your fact statement in conjunction with your legal analysis could cause your reader to realize that she has neglected to give you a critical fact.
As the writer, you have an interest in reciting the facts as well. Your legal analysis will be based on the facts as you understand them. If the facts were to change, the result might change. If you memorialize the facts you have been given  the facts on which your answer is based  you ensure that your work will be evaluated with reference to those facts. No future reader will think you had access to other, different facts and therefore expect you to have reached a different answer.
Discussion. The Discussion section explains to your reader the analysis that led to your answer

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