Quasi-Experimental Study

 For this section, incorporate a  quasi-experimental study related to your research( Physician reaction to EHR software ) question. You should  choose one of the quasi-experimental design methods from your reading  (one-shot case study, one group pretest-posttest method, or static group  comparison method). You should then describe how you would conduct your  quasi-experimental study, naming the steps to be taken, the impact  randomization has on your experiment, and what interventions could be  included. You will also need to include a section on reliability and  validity factors to consider in your quasi-experimental study.

This section of your report should be about 1 page long.


Please Meet Criteria

Appropriate quas-experimental design method used

Accurate description of method used to include naming steps taken, Impact of randomization and inventions were included

Reliability and validity factors were included

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