Reflection Journal

Reflection Journal


Welcome to the week 3 reflection journal. Throughout the course you will reflect on your weekly research experience and make connections to previous learning as well as the university learning outcomes.


In the week 3 reflection we will be focusing on the following university learning outcome:

·  Respect for Diversity.

Please respond to all the following items in your reflection journal.

·  How does Respect for Diversity connect with the course material this week?  How did Respect for Diversity help you with your research this week?

·  Write down at least one specific aspect of Respect for Diversity that you need to still develop and describe how you could work on developing that aspect.

·  How does Respect for Diversity connect to achieving your career goals?

·  Based on your work in the course as well as general education courses at Grantham University, explain what Respect for Diversity means to you.

·  Describe a specific assignment, presentation, or project you worked on in one of your past courses at Grantham University that allowed you to develop Respect for Diversity?

·  Write down at least one question you have about your organization, your research project, or this course in general.

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