Reflection Paper

This paper will be 4-5 typed pages in length using 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font.  Please use APA, 6th edition to include an APA title page and subheadings. 
In this paper students will reflect on how the material covered throughout this course has helped them to acquire a greater knowledge of the usefulness and importance of assessment and evaluation for their future professional practice as student affairs professionals. Please make sure that you highlight how specific concepts and information (please see bullets below) from the course has informed your learning and/or future practice in student affairs.
· Qualitative Assessment
· Advantage/Disadvantage of Mail Surveys and Telephone and Surveys
· Choosing an Assessment Method
· Assessing Cost Effectiveness
Can include other information related to assessments practice in student in affairs profession and explain how I can use it in the future.
Then, students will select FOUR out of the NINE types of assessment (please see  below, I have selected four) that he/she believes will serve to have the greatest influence on his/her future practices and dispositions as a student affairs professional/practitioner and expound on each of the four in relation to how he/she may use these types of assessment in the future.
1. Satisfaction Assessment
2. Comparable Institution Assessment
3. Outcomes Assessment
4. Needs Assessment
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