Research the issues revolving around domestic violence. Explore how the media, government and/or corporations play a role in how women are treated in our society

Write a well-developed, thesis driven essay that presents a solution to a societal issue. You must use quotes from as many of the articles you’ve read this semester to support your argument for the solution to the issue you are trying to make. You must also reference at least one of the essays found in the book Reefer Madness and should be referencing that book and the articles from our text as frequently as is appropriate to support your argument. Use research from 5 outside sources in your essay. You must include at least 3 counter-arguments. Make sure you use both scholarly articles and the articles you read from ReReading America to support your arguments. Requirements: •2000 words •MLA Formatted •Use articles from our current unit of Rereading America, Reefer Madness and 5 outside source (min.) •Include a Works Cited Page •“Why it matters to me and should matter to you”

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