Research paper on Primary Education Reform Plan for Afghanistan

The matrix that will be used by the professor to review  final paper:
1. Macro alignment – Country specific/ and sector/ subsector specific – 10 points
– I chose Primary Education System of Afghanistan.
2. Alignment between challenges/ issues selected and conceptual framework/s chosen – 25 points.
3. Main body of the paper that both describes the chosen sector/ sub-sector and the analysis using the conceptual framework/s – 30 points
– The conceptual framework MUST be compared/analysed with the conceptual framework mentioned in one of the attachments (chapter 2 or 3 of Cummings & Williams).
4. Conclusions/ Policy recommendations/ Final thoughts based on the analysis – 20 points
5. Paper clarity, succinctness, formatting and references (Chicago), 20-30 pages DOUBLE SPACED (closer to 20 better) – 15 points

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