Rites of Passage

Officer Johnson is continuing to deal with the family you met in Modules 1 (attached) and 2 (attached). He has learned how the family’s criminal activities have moved from selling drugs to manufacturing drugs. He also learns that Rob has enlisted Mary into prostitution to gain access to newer markets.

As Mary’s clientele grows, many clients become regulars. Mary tells Rob that she cannot handle the business alone. So they decide to groom Lucy for prostitution. Rob begins to groom Lucy for prostitution when she is fourteen years old. He rapes and molests her and forces her into submission.

Lucy is told after the first sexual assault that she will learn the prostitution aspects of their business and she is going to pull her own weight. Mary runs the prostitution business and manages the finances brought in by the girls who are hooked in by Lucy. Meanwhile, Junior pulls his own weight through his drug dealings.

Rob and Junior manage the drug business. Junior’s ambition is to expand into new ventures. He is so proud of his parents that he decides to work with some of his friends on a new caper. They begin breaking into homes and businesses to steal and then sell the stolen goods. One of his close friends is willing to steal computers from his employer so that they can sell them on the Internet.

Submission Details:

By the due date assigned, in a minimum of 350 words, post your responses to the following to the Discussion Area:

Note: As you were successful in locating your applicable state (California) laws website in Module 1, please return to the same website to continue with this assignment.

  • Discuss the laws for pandering, pimping, and prostitution. Address each of these crimes and discuss how they are different or similar in nature.
  • What is the penalty for each of these three crimes? Remember to cite your state statutes.
  • Find an article in the Argosy University Online Library that deals with technology and how the use of technology assists law enforcement by communicating about a crisis within a community setting. An example of this might be dial reverse 911 for public safety notices. Describe your findings in your discussion posting and be sure to cite your source.
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