social style

1. Open the “Social Style” inventory (Word document attached). Answer  each question as to whether you feel each item describes you, using the  scale of 1 for Strongly Disagree to 5 for Strongly Agree. On the second  page of the form, use the two charts to tally your scores. For example,  if you marked a question as 2 – Disagree, then write two points for that  question in the appropriate chart. The first chart determines your  assertiveness score and the second chart determines your responsiveness  score.  2. Using your scores as a jumping off point for the essay, begin  your essay by describing different ways of responding to others,  including what steps you would need to style flex. 3. Share your scores  with a family member or friend. Evaluate his or her perceptions in your  essay. How did he or she consider the scores accurate or not accurate?  What perceptions or suggestions did he or she have about your social  style? 4. Describe how your social style affects your listening skills  and how you can improve as a listener. Describe how style flexing can  assist with communication effectiveness.

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