What concepts from the course do you need to study further? What is your plan for enhancing your knowledge of finance and budgets in the healthcare organization?

This is the final week of discussion and there are two important areas of reflection included in this discussion. Please label each area with a heading to facilitate classmate and instructor response. EXPERIENCE Post your executive summary. Compare your pre-and post-self-assessments. REFLECTION Discuss the strengths and weaknesses to the business plan for your final proposal. […]

Describe how you can begin to shift toward a more planetary consciousness in your personal and professional life?

Submit a short writing assignment covering the topic below. Assignment should be at least 250 words in length and no more than 350 words in length. *Points will be deducted if not within word limit parameters. One scholarly source required. APA format required. Title page and reference page required.  12-point Times New Roman font. *See […]

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