. Discuss the early formation of the political system of the newly independent United States of America. What gave some countries an early lead in industrialization?

Description Writing Assignment for Unit Two • Responses must be typed double-spaced, using a standard font (i.e. Times New Roman) and 12 point type size. Word count is NOT one of the criteria that is used in assigning points to writing assignments. However, students who are successful in earning the maximum number of points tend […]

What led to the First Crusade? What happened in the Holy Land leading up to the crusade, why did Pope Gregory VII and Pope Urban II want to launch a crusade and why did Europeans join the crusade? Were their motivations purely religious? Lastly, how did the Latin Crusaders and Muslims view each other?

Answer Both of the following questions. Write at least one-page answer each. I am looking for a good amount of detail. (Do your own research on these topics and do not use any quotation) 1. What led to the First Crusade? What happened in the Holy Land leading up to the crusade, why did Pope […]

Compare and contrast the growth of the common man’s party, the Democrats, versus the more aristocratic party, the Whigs.

COURSE BOOK: The American Pageant, Volume I to 1877, Kennedy and Cohen, 16th Edition Houghton Mifflin Company (please use the book as at least one of your sources if possible please) Pick ONE of the following questions and answer it Compare and contrast the North and South and their steady separation before 1860, discuss the […]

How does this impact the African American economic plight?

Critical discussion #5 You can access the book at www.chegg.com ASK SUPPORT FOR LOGIN DETAILS the book is Zora Neal Hurston “Their Eyes are Watching God” Critical responses must identify the main points of the article. In addition, students must analyze each central point by developing their own thesis and constructing their own claims regarding […]

How do you define repatriation? How does this decolonial practice respond to the history of “Displaying the Other” that we have discussed in lecture?

1. Read “Fusco_The%20Other%20History%20of%20Intercultural%20Performance” pdf 2. Read “Displaying the other” pdf 3. Before responding to this discussion’s prompt, please read the following article: Fair Trade Heads: A Conversation on Repatriation and Indigenous Peoples with Maria Thereza Alves, Candice Hopkins, and Jolene Rickard (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) we have discussed colonial […]

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