What elements of the rural setting can we bring to the city setting to develop and contribute to improve resolutions?

Today we have more contentions than ever with policing, training, and methodology. Police interactions resulting in death are more prevalent in city settings – as compared to rural settings. What elements of the rural setting can we bring to the city setting to develop and contribute to improve resolutions? Consider selecting a rural locale (one […]

How management decisions are influencing employee engagement in government organizations

How management decisions are influencing employee engagement in government organizations Methodology Behaviors, engagement, and motivation are three topics that differ in research culture to culture in both country and industry. what is the demographic of the study, when was it conducted, what methodology was used, what are the key results, and who disagrees with the […]

What data collection technique are you using to investigate your topic? How do you intend to answer your RQ?

Final Research Paper Layout Title Precise and focused Inform the reader of the research topic Introduction Set the tone for what the research intends to cover Should be clear and straight to the point Literature Review/Review of Literature A survey of what other researchers have said and done about your chosen topic If information is […]

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the advantages and drawbacks of the proposed research techniques, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed design

Criteria Criterion 1: Clearly and convincingly demonstrate that the proposed research is important, feasible and likley to provide the expected results. Clear and convincing explanation of why and for whom the proposed research is interesting and important. Specification of the precise questions that the proposed project will seek to answer, and the type of results […]

How has the sector faired in managing financial liquidity issue in the European banking sector?

Introduction Background of the study Risks are everyday natural anticipated events in business and community settings that may have a detrimental impact on an individual or institution if not well managed. In particular, in the banking sector, Agoraki, Delis, and Pasiouras (2011) observed that risks are conditions that might escalate the chances of loss or […]

Explain how the research methods (e.g. surveys, interviews, focus groups…) that you propose to use will enable to you to achieve your objectives

Research proposal (3,000 words) 60% In order to demonstrate your critical engagement with, key concepts and ideas from within the field of applied research methodology, you are required to write a proposal for your dissertation/management report research. Your proposal should be based on a current topic of interest within HRM. Keep in mind also that […]

What has changed about your understanding of scholarly research, and what has not?

Each meetings diary should be 500 word max. Each diary should include: • A summary of the meeting • Points of discussion (e.g., topic, structure, academic literature, methodology, research ethics); -a summary of discussion including questions you have asked and answers received; -any tasks, deadlines, or action points you and your supervisor have agreed on; […]

Identify a specific, publicly observable behavior and spend 2 one-hour sessions observing the behavior. 

The project guidelines for project 1 read: Project 1, Qualitative Observations, 100 points: Students will observe social behaviors at a chosen location for a specified amount of time, take field notes, practice coding, and write a formal report detailing the methodology and an interpretation of findings. Observation: Choose a location. Identify a specific, publicly observable […]

What role could the government play in advancing business success in the country amidst the chosen topic

The Assignment Task Assume you have just been employed as a Business economist in a country of your choice. The country’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has asked you to write a report on any economic topic in the world. Your chosen topic could either be of microeconomic or macroeconomic in nature. Your task, among others, […]

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