Developmental psychology-what is the role of praise/reinforcement?

The social-interactional view suggests that social experiences contribute towards the emergence of developmental helping. Infants are, in fact, guided to participate in helping activities early on. (intertwining of biology and environment is acknowledge in this view- neither suffices- the interweaving begins at a prenatal period thus environment is an ever present contributing factor). This study […]

How would you describe the last e-learning training that you completed?

Describe the interview process will you use and how you plan to conduct the interview. List the interview questions to be used in the qualitative case study interviews with the participants and provide a rationale for each question. The questions should be based on the following article (Guo, L., & Vargo, C. (2018). “Fake news” […]

What feelings or reactions did you have upon learning your Implicit Association Test?

Description Your responses suggested a strong automatic preference for Young people over Old people- what my answer to test was For some people, receiving the results of the Implicit Association Test (IAT) can bring forth a level of relief or self-reinforcement. This is particularly true when one’s implicit preferences align with one’s explicit beliefs. However, […]

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