The art of Movie Trailers

The main purpose is to advance knowledge in the practice-based, historical, theoretical and/or contemporary fields of: global media studies (culture and identity), global screen industries and audiences and global narratives and storytelling.

Rresearch the history and techniques of movie trailers. Some of the topics I have thought about are:
• History of movie trailers and evolution through the different phases of film making history
• The importance of understanding the storytelling (for movie trailer techniques);
• The different genres that exist and how it matters to movie trailers
• Trailer techniques, depending on a variety of factors, for instance genre, audience, marketing and advertising, the desired impact, global culture (when is it considered global?) and techniques (editing dialogue, narration, sound, graphics, sequence, transition, cohesion), etc.
• Ethics in film making, maybe explore a little about the franchise fatigue.

At the end I want to produce a series of short movie trailers (1 min) portraying contemporary films in modern movie trailer techniques.

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