In adult patients in intensive care units, what is the effect of unnecessary chest X-rays , as compared to only performing unavoidable CXRs, on the patient and health outcomes, during their time of hospitalization?

The purpose of this assignment is to help you begin to develop the skills that are necessary to sort the evidence to determine the most appropriate level of evidence for your PICO(T) question. For this assignment choose three quality studies from your search results, and complete columns one through seven in your Evidence Evaluation Table (EET) for these same articles.

You will eventually be using this technique to appraise at least 12 quality recently published works for your final synthesis paper.

Evidence Evaluation Table (EET): Excel File

The purpose of creating this table is to organize the evidence that you find r/t your clinical question. In subsequent weeks, you will add data to columns and more articles (rows) as directed until you gather at least 12 quality recent studies for your final synthesis paper in Week 13. This EET will be edited and re-submitted in weeks 6,7,8,9, & 13. This week you begin the process, you will complete the first seven columns.


Create an Excel file for your evidence table using the template (Excel) provided. Use the Sample EET (Excel) provided for a reference point.
Include the three studies that represent a variety of published data regarding your PICO(T). They should be published no longer than five years ago.
Use abbreviations and create a legend for readers and yourself.
Keep your descriptions brief. There should be no complete sentences.
The row is cited, but If you copy five consecutive words or more use quotations and note page number.
Complete columns 1 through 7 for your three quality recent (5 years or newer) published works.
Citation Reference
Purpose of the study
The methodology of the study
Measurement tools
Data Analysis
This assignment will be graded using the Week 5: EET Rubric found in your syllabus.

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