Theater essay

Students are expected to use class readings along with outside sources such as online research, movies, books, articles, live interviews or other sources of their choice. The papers are independent projects that will allow students to use their imaginations to discuss the ideas of a selected drama style related to the materials we have learned about in the class. The second paper should be written representing diasporic views/ideas and the students should focus on two different world regions of their choice to write the paper. One of these two regions should be from Asia while the other region can be of your choice from Asia or non-Asia. For example if you chose a Japanese drama style, which would be from East Asia, you can choose India as your other world region as it is from the South Asian world region. Or you can choose Africa or a country from the West with a country from Asia. Remember that you should focus on two different world regions for youe final paper.

The final paper demands students to prove that they understand what diaspora means and to engage their thoughts and ideas with the concepts of diaspora and diasporic views and apply them to clarify a particular drama style from Asia. In doing so, they are expected to read, write and analyze, critically and recognize the influences and interactions between Asian region/s and some other part of the world while paying attention to specific features and depictions related to their chosen drama style.

5-6 pages.

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