What is the actual definition of feminism? What is Gay’s definition of feminism?What are Gay’s reasons that she classifies herself as a “bad feminist”?

Essay Two: Gay

Roxane Gay’s essay, “Bad Feminist” addresses not only what feminism truly is, but what it is often mistaken for, what constitutes a “good feminist,” why so many women refuse the label “feminist,” and what “essential feminism” means. Gay, at the end of her essay, says, “I would rather be a bad feminist than no feminist at all” (175). Taking into account Gay’s own reasoning as to why she is a “bad feminist,” do you think that being a bad feminist is better than not being a feminist at all?

Write an essay in which you take a position whether or not being a “bad feminist” is enough for today’s society that consistently seems to fight against women. Take into account what Gay says in her essay about why she’s a bad feminist, and compare that to what you know about feminism, and what the actual definition of feminism is.

• What is the actual definition of feminism?
• What is Gay’s definition of feminism?
• What are Gay’s reasons that she classifies herself as a “bad feminist”?
• Do you think those that are mentioned in Gay’s essay that refuse the label of “feminist” truly understand what feminism means?

Note: The questions asked are meant to help you think about the topic as a whole. You should not attempt to answer each one in your essay.

Remember, in order to have focus and clarity in your essay, you need to think about the topic, the questions asked and then decide what your views are on this issue. Carefully consider your supporting points and examples. A good essay will draw from both the readings and your personal experience.

Formatting and Requirements:
• Your essay should:
o be 4-5 pages in length
o include a Works Cited page
o be double-spaced
o be typed in Times New Roman font
o have 1-inch margins (on all sides)
o include Your name, my name, class and date in the upper left corner of the 1st page
• Format your essay according to MLA guidelines (see above).
• You must use quotes from the reading(s) to support your argument.

Criteria for Evaluation:
• Argument: Argument directly and fully answers the prompt; is clearly stated early in the paper; is original, compelling and logical, avoiding absolute claims
• Evidence: Appropriate amount of relevant, accurate, and justifiably interpreted quotation. Quotations are thoroughly introduced, explained, analyzed, and connected to argument/other texts. Possible counter-arguments are considered.
• Organization: Paragraphs maintain argumentative focus, exclude extraneous information, appear in a logical order, and transition smoothly. Introduction sets forth argument and goals of essay. Conclusion opens up avenues for future research.
• Audience: Consistent, academic tone. Appropriate amount of contextual information, anticipating audience questions. Addresses significant issues and makes them important to audience.
• Grammar and Format: Errors in grammar, spelling, and usage limited or non-existent. Correct MLA format, including proper quotation citation.

IMPORTANT: For your final draft, remember to upload to Canvas BEFORE the start of class, or you will have points deducted for the essay being late.

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