What are some pros and cons to an incentive compensation system?

Drawing on your reading assignment for the week, answer the following:

1.What are some pros and cons to an incentive compensation system? Specifically relate these to nursing services.
2.Should an organization implement an individual or team incentive compensation system? Support your opinion with references and details.
3.What elements should impact incentive compensation? Give examples of at least 5 elements.
4.Define and describe total compensation. Why is this important?
5.How has the Affordable Care Act affected healthcare benefits in your organization or organizations within your community?(CO 1, CO 2, and CO 4)

Instructions:You must provide a reference for either each OR the entire posting. Please use APA for your reference citation. You must always apply your assigned readings plus other readings. You will also have citations in the text of your responses as well as references at the end of your responses.

Your initial or first posting will be due by Wednesday at 2400 EST and your last posting will be due by Sunday at 2400 EST. You must post an initial posting and at least one additional posting.

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