What does the concept of social justice mean to you?

A core theme of our freshman seminar has been the meaning of social justice in relationship to an ethical vision of self and society and the role of education in personal and social change. Select three (3) or more readings from the First- Year Reader and compare their arguments for creating a more just, free, and sustainable world. Finally, what does the concept of social justice mean to you? How does it relate to the ideas about ethics, personal responsibility, community engagement and a commitment to diversity and the common good? Based upon the readings, what do you think are the effective methods for positive social change? Your essay should be four (4) to six (6) pages, double spaced, with one (1) inch margins. Your essay should be based on selections from the First-Year Reader. Therefore, citations need not be formal, but should include the author and page number. Plagiarism is not acceptable and will guarantee failure for the assignment. In any case, you should be proud of your own ideas, voice, and hard work.

below i have listed the 3 readings that i would like to use as well as the textbook of where to find them. the page numbers are also at the bottom of the screenshots so that you are able to find them in the textbook

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